Samstag, 24. August 2013

Let's go to China!

Finally Finally Finally!
Tomorrow I'm going to go to China! Wheee!!
I'm so sorry that I didn't blog much about my preparations about China :( I just been so lazy...and yet very busy. Friends, University and preparation stuff were holding me tight. 
For a small update: Finally I managed to start studying scandinavian studies next fall! 
Of course I dond't drop Chinese but for my second course I changed it from history to scandinavian studies...just because I really really want to learn Swedish haha :D
And I start doing crap on Youtube again! Atm, It's just very in the beginning phase but I try to upload some vlogs while being in China. And after my holidays, a friend and I going to to a cooking and comedy channel theehee :)
You can find more information in my update video:

So...tomorrow it's time to go!
Departure place is Zurich (It's the nearest place with an airplane at my place. I'm living quite in the south of Germany, at the border of Switzerland) and we start flying from Zurich to Beijing, having a little mit time left before heading of to Shanghai Pudong!
So...10 hours flying are waiting for me D: At least I start preparation for my skin with a bunch of beauty videos for example from bubzbeauty because I just LOVE her videos. By the way she married some days ago! I'm so happy because Tim and her are such a beautiful couple! <3

Okay about this. I just keep you up to date on my blog and eventually on my youtube channel if I get managed to understand this VPN stuff for accessing on Youtube and Facebook. Lol. Chinese censore is chinese D:

So I'm off now for some preparations. I still have lots of stuff left for university to do and I should pack the last things for tomorrow. 
I going to miss all of you and promise to upload lots of pictures! 
For a small peek I'm going to show some of chinese media I can 'enjoy' the next three weeks LOL

I love this bubbly funny man :D And Anson in the background being sexy as always <3

So...Bye bye! Until the next time!

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