Montag, 26. November 2012

Life in Freiburg

What's up my dears
Finally I got the time for writing another blogpost. Atm, I don't have much time for internet and this stuff. I never thought that studying chinese could be that...difficult. Not the language, I really don't have any problems with chinese (I'm just to lazy to learn the signs xD) but my other subjects like, 'Society, Economy and State of China since 1978' is really complicated for me. I'm not that person who is really into politic stuff or economy. And listening to stuff about the economy of China and trying to understand these weird question of some old people, sitting in the lecutre.
Another problem is the subject 'Introduction into Sinology'. I hate our professor. She's such a....well. Do you know the kind of people sitting in the front with this terrible smile on their face? They smell your fear, because they KNOW you didn't read the text. And because of this they always ask you some stupid questions. Shes exactly that kind of person. Horrible. 
Okay enough of university. 
I have to say, living alone is...interesting. I love this feeling of being independent of my parents, but financing the whole life alone is not that easy. Before I moved to Freiburg, I got 50 € every month. It was my decision if i spent it on cosmetic products or food, whatever I wanted. Sometimes I was lucky and my parents gave me some money for buying clothes or my mother paid them. Now I got 300€ for everything. I really have a bad felling about this, because my mum have to pay my rent for my flat and these 300 € every month. I really hope I'll get BaföG next year, so my mother only have to pay my rent. 
Fortunately I don't have to buy my food all by myself because for 3 weeks ago, I got something like a...housemate? Thehe. <3
I fact, I got a new boyfriend. It happened really quick, I know. But Somehow, it was quite romantic how we get together. 
He doesn't live that far away from me (perhaps 2 minutes of walking) but he sleeps everyday here. We eat together, we go to university and and and...I feel like I'm married xD
But i like it. I'm looking forward to the upcoming time, how this relationships will develop. If everything goes fine, we think about looking for a flat together. It would be less expensive than my flat now doesn't make any difference from now, expect his music thingies will be at my place (He has this big music thing...I dunno some professional stuff. In fact I'm too stupid to understand these switches and regulators)
Oh and we'll go to China together next year! <3 
My cousin married some weeks ago, but the official traditional chinese Marriage will be next year at the end of August. Because we both want to improve our Chinese (My boyfriend is my fellow student in sinology too..), we decided to go for 4 weeks to China if everything goes fine. 2 weeks at Shanghai for the marriage and this stuff and maybe some days in Beijing, Hanzhou and so on. I'm really excited and trying to improve my Chinese as good as I can, so I can train my Shanghaihua when I go to Shanghai :) I really love this dialect it sounds so funny!
So that's about my recent life here. Hope I get some time to write some blogs.

xoxo <3