Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013


Today was an awesome day!
With some friends, I went to the Holi festival of colours here in Freiburg. And it was simply awesome.
So first of all: Holi is an Indian festival, which has it's roots in the Indian religion. But here, it's a big Party with much colours, music and fun!
Well, It seems to be just an event where you throw colours at some people but the feeling was simply incredible. When you stand in the crowd, the countdown goes to 0 and everybody throw the colours in the air - there are no words for describing this feeling. You feel so happy, it's so funny and I really really recommend to you - Go to this festival if there is some at your place!
And some impressions!

Since my hair is pretty dark It doesn't take some color in the beginning..

One of the best fellow students and work out partner! <3

Another fellow students who loves other asian cultures as much as me!

Housemate of one of my fellow students :D

Aaaand the fellow student of my fellow student!(Studentception!!)

Finally tied my hair back! And....ignore the beard.

Does yellow fits to an asian?

Photobomb - Mö Level!

Blue hand :D

And finally: AWESOME HAIR!

My legs....

My teeth looks incredible

Hapy students on happy Holi festival!!

Outfit of the day - Color color color! Dunno If I get this shirt ever back to white again...

All in over this was an incredible festival...And I'm seriously thinking about going to this again this year...

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