Freitag, 1. Februar 2013

Korean Package!

Hi there!
Finally, my package from South Korea arrived! 
In December, I ordered a small amount of different korean cosmetics. Unfortunately, you don't get any korean brands here in Germany D:
Because I ordered three things, I got a huge amount of free stuff!
I only ordered two masks and one whitening serum....o-o
So today I want to make a little review to the products I ordered ^_^
Unfortunately I forget to make any pictures of the products on my skin...I'm sorry T_T

Okay let's get started with the MISSHA SUPER AQUA Double Enzyme Oxygen Mask

So the package looks like this and got 70g. It comes without spatula in it, so you have to use your fingers or a brush, depending on you.

And this is how the Mask looks like. It's got a creamy texture and smells very nice. Do you see the tiny pearls in it? First of all, I thought they have a peeling effect or something like this but they don't! According to the site, where I ordered the Mask, 
it contains pure natural water, vitalizing your skin and remove dead skin cells. 
After a while the pearls disappeared and when you wash the mask of (I let it on my skin for about 10-15 minutes) your skin really feels refreshed. I love to apply this mask after work out or partying. 

Sooo next product: The Tomato Whitening Serum by Skin food!

The package contains about 35 ml. It comes with a handy pump.

I used to use a whitening lotion 2 years ago, after a trip to China. I highly recommend these product as a typical asian who doesn't want to get tan ;)
After washing my face, I apply a little amount all over my face, before I apply my emulsion/cream.
It has a very light consistence. If you ever used a serum you'll know how it feels. But it looks a little bit like sperm lol.
I can say, this serum works very good with my skin routine. The redness in my face area aren't that heavy like before and my facial skin slowly got this awesome light color like most of the korean women got :D

Finally: The Rice Mask by Skin Food

The typical Skin Food package you know. The package contains 100 g. Inside there is a second cover plate, but, like the MISSHA Mask, it comes without spatula.

The texture is creamy, with lots of little beans in it. They feel like...I dunno cooked rice? The smell is a little bit like cooked rice too.
I really really love and recommend this mask! After applying it on your dry skin, you can gently massage you skin with these tiny rice thingies. It doesn't irritate your skin and feels soooo good. After 10-15 Minutes, the Mask gets a little bit transparend on your skin and it looks like you've got heavy oily skin xD
I usually massage my face with these rice pearls before washing the mask of. Normally, I've got a little bit red skin in the area around my nose. But after this mask, they seemed to be vanished and your skin feels so soft like the ass of a baby xD
Because the mask is very sensitive to your skin, you can use this every two days. I like to use this mask before going out, so my skin really looks awesome after applying make up!

Okay this was about the products I ordered. As I mentioned, I got a few samples. Most of them were lifting cremes or anti Wrinkle stuff, so I give them to my mother. At the moment, I tried the Black Sugar Mask by Skin Food, some Cleansing oil by MISSHA and a Toner and Emulsion by Skin Food out and really love these products. I think about to buy them next month and going to make a second review ^_^

Until next time <3