Samstag, 31. August 2013

China: Week 1


So, first week in China is already over. So fast, I can't imagine! This time it is really funny and lovely here in Shanghai. Okay, the weather is terribly hot but you get used to it. 
After some complications while flying to Shanghai (There were some little turbulences and big trouble at the Beijing airport because we had to re-check-in our luggage -.-) my mom and I went to the place of my grandmum to stay there. We spent the nights there until Thursday. At thursday I had to sleep over at the place of my uncle because I was the bridesmaid of my cousin.
From Monday until Thursday we just spent the time with visiting everyone, eating, went to the hair stylist (I dyed my hair ^w^) and this stuff.
So Friday was the big day! We had to get up very early because at 8:30 the make up and hairstylist for my cousin arrived. I did my makeup by myself, but get my hair done by the assistant. 
After this, my cousins husband arrived. It's a Chinese tradition that the husband has to pick up the wife at the place of their parents. And all of the feminine relatives including the bridesmaids has to stop him from entering the house! haha :D
After he entered, he and my cousin had to give my uncle and aunt two cups of tea. And my cousin and her husband had to eat some soup for many children and this stuff (the soup is so god damn tasty *__*)
Then he had to find the shoes for my cousin to carry her to their new flat. Of course I went with them becuase I'm the bridesmaid :D So there was the same ritual with passing cups to the parents of the husband and eating soup u know.
After this we had a little bit lunch, a small photoshoot and went  to the place where the little ceremony for the family and close friends were to be. 
The ceremony was so beautiful! 
At about 6 PM there was the big ceremony. My Cousin changed her dress 3 times (She got 4 dresses for the whole day) and cousins hubby sang for her! It was so touching I cried ;w;
After the wedding ceremony there was a huuuuge amount of tasty food. And some funny entertaining!
About 9 PM I went home with my mum because I was terribly tired. It was a pretty tough day but I think it was even more harder for the wedding couple!

Okay now it's time for picture spamming! theehee ^__^
First Shengjiangbao in Shanghai this time. Man I love them!

The weddnig couple <3

The place where my Grandmum lives. The sky is blue here in Shanghai!

Angry bird

Chinese Park :D

So this is where the birdssounds comes from lol

Mantou me

Derp me with derp dog of my Auntie

Jackie Chan!

Again: Shengjiangbao <3

The fishies of my uncle. The grey one died today Q_Q He jumped

New hair!


This was my dress for the wedding

Nails for the wedding!

And hair and make-up

My cousin and me! She's so beautiful!

So cute <3

Tasty wedding soup!

My uncle looked so handsome!

The bed of the wedding couple :3

It says 'double happiness' and is glued to every house where a couple has married


Cousins hubby and derp me :D

so cuuuute <3

one of the cousins of my cousin. He always wanted a photo with me! He's so cute!

My uncle carries my cousin to her husband <3

Wife and Husband <3

One of the 4 dresses of my cousin.

So thats it atm. In two days I'm going to fly to Beijing and afterward going to Qingdao before I return to Shanghai...looking forward to it!

Much love


Samstag, 24. August 2013

Let's go to China!

Finally Finally Finally!
Tomorrow I'm going to go to China! Wheee!!
I'm so sorry that I didn't blog much about my preparations about China :( I just been so lazy...and yet very busy. Friends, University and preparation stuff were holding me tight. 
For a small update: Finally I managed to start studying scandinavian studies next fall! 
Of course I dond't drop Chinese but for my second course I changed it from history to scandinavian studies...just because I really really want to learn Swedish haha :D
And I start doing crap on Youtube again! Atm, It's just very in the beginning phase but I try to upload some vlogs while being in China. And after my holidays, a friend and I going to to a cooking and comedy channel theehee :)
You can find more information in my update video:

So...tomorrow it's time to go!
Departure place is Zurich (It's the nearest place with an airplane at my place. I'm living quite in the south of Germany, at the border of Switzerland) and we start flying from Zurich to Beijing, having a little mit time left before heading of to Shanghai Pudong!
So...10 hours flying are waiting for me D: At least I start preparation for my skin with a bunch of beauty videos for example from bubzbeauty because I just LOVE her videos. By the way she married some days ago! I'm so happy because Tim and her are such a beautiful couple! <3

Okay about this. I just keep you up to date on my blog and eventually on my youtube channel if I get managed to understand this VPN stuff for accessing on Youtube and Facebook. Lol. Chinese censore is chinese D:

So I'm off now for some preparations. I still have lots of stuff left for university to do and I should pack the last things for tomorrow. 
I going to miss all of you and promise to upload lots of pictures! 
For a small peek I'm going to show some of chinese media I can 'enjoy' the next three weeks LOL

I love this bubbly funny man :D And Anson in the background being sexy as always <3

So...Bye bye! Until the next time!

Sonntag, 21. Juli 2013


Today was an awesome day!
With some friends, I went to the Holi festival of colours here in Freiburg. And it was simply awesome.
So first of all: Holi is an Indian festival, which has it's roots in the Indian religion. But here, it's a big Party with much colours, music and fun!
Well, It seems to be just an event where you throw colours at some people but the feeling was simply incredible. When you stand in the crowd, the countdown goes to 0 and everybody throw the colours in the air - there are no words for describing this feeling. You feel so happy, it's so funny and I really really recommend to you - Go to this festival if there is some at your place!
And some impressions!

Since my hair is pretty dark It doesn't take some color in the beginning..

One of the best fellow students and work out partner! <3

Another fellow students who loves other asian cultures as much as me!

Housemate of one of my fellow students :D

Aaaand the fellow student of my fellow student!(Studentception!!)

Finally tied my hair back! And....ignore the beard.

Does yellow fits to an asian?

Photobomb - Mö Level!

Blue hand :D

And finally: AWESOME HAIR!

My legs....

My teeth looks incredible

Hapy students on happy Holi festival!!

Outfit of the day - Color color color! Dunno If I get this shirt ever back to white again...

All in over this was an incredible festival...And I'm seriously thinking about going to this again this year...