Dienstag, 22. Januar 2013

Last Weeks

It's been a while I know.
Dajia hao my dears! The last weeks I've spent a lot of time for learning learning learning (and playing Assassins Creed 3) because at february, I've got my final exams for this half year. 
I can't really believe it that I'm learning chinese now for a half a year. Time has flewn so fast! I should write and read about 300 chinese signs after my exams but in reality.....
I'm not a passionate learner so I've got a little bit behind the others after the christmas holidays. I've should learn vocabs of two lections but I just relaxed, Ate a lot and was into partying about New Year. 
Learning = Failed.
So I got enough to do now.
I decided to chance my second subject. I really like history but I don't have the time for learning so much facts and dates. I've decided to take Scandinacian sciences, because I always wanted to learn norwegian or swedish. 
Okay thats about the learning stuff.
2 weeks ago, some of us decided to make a trip to Cologne because there were a exhibition about chinese history. You know the typical stuff. Chinese emperor about 5000 years and this shit.
Well...the exhibition was quite boring. to be honest - I just went to Cologne because of my boyfriend. Since he's from that area, we used the time to visit his family (And save money by sleeping at his place lol). 
He got such a cuuuute dog <3 Instantly fell in love with this cutie <e (Unfortunately I don't have a pic p3q)
And of course we take a stereotypical picture in front of the dome

Such a dorky man <3
We didn't got the time for making other stupid couple stuff in cologne like setting a lock at the bridge in cologne but who cares. 

Well....yeah thats it. I really try to get the time for some more blogposts. Upcoming friday is our 'Yallah!' party, a party organized by our student council. I'm trying to blogging about this!

See you soon my dears <3