Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013

Chinese relatives

Whats up my dears!
So as I said I'm going to blog about my preparation for my trip to China.
So first of all (beside the weight loss I'm going to post) is about Chinese relatives.
Usually, Chinese families are like HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE. because, before Deng Xiaoping was doing the 1-Child-policy stuff people got like about 1000 siblings. 
Unfortunately my Chinese family is not that big. 
I'm going to China for the wedding of my cousin and her mother (my auntie) has 6 siblings. And they have kids. And there's the family of her husband too. So just the relative part will be huge at the wedding :D
There are some special features about Chinese relatives. In european families it's just like: you've got your parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles and cousins...and of course your brothers and sisters.
But in China each of them has a name.
This video shows really good what I mean:
So....confusing or not?
Fortunately I don't have much to remember.
As my chinese family part is from my mums side I just got:
My grannie (waipo or popo 外婆/婆婆 )
My uncle ( jiujiu 舅舅)
My two aunties (jiuma 舅妈) -> yes two jiumas. Sadly my other uncle passed away last year. 
My older male cousin (biaoge 表哥)
And last but not least the bride: my older female cousin (biaojie 表姐) least I'm learning Chinese now so I got to remember this. Just need this in shanghaiese now. lol.

See you soon to the next post!
Much love!

Montag, 24. Juni 2013

2 months until departure

Hey guys!
I'm so excited! Just two months remaining until I'm going 'home' again - China is calling!
My cousin's getting married and of course my mum and I are invited! I'm really looking forward to the wedding of my big sis (In China you can call your older cousin big sister/brother :3 ) and of course - China!
My mother is planning to visit some cool places with me - Shanghai of course (It's the place where my relatives live), Hangzhou, Suzhou, Qingdao and Beijing!
Lots of names huh? I rather show you some beautiful pictures so you can get a little insight of my beautiful second home country :3

Shanghai Putuo - the beautiful district where my relatives live and where I spent some lovely moments in my childhood!

Hangzhou - It's very famous for it's wonderful landscapes!

Already getting jealous? ;) That's Suzhou - Famous for it's stunning gardens.

There's a saying in Chinese - In the north, there's the paradise, in the soush Suzhou and Hangzhou :)

Qingdao, a former German colony. You might know it a little bit - because of it's beer ;D

Last but not least one of my favourite places in Beijing - Wangfujing, a big shoppingstreet (but of course not as big and stunning as my most favourite street in Shanghai ;))

So you see very awesome places! 
So my goal for the next month is to show you how I'm getting ready for China - Shopping and weight loss for the wedding!

See you soon my dears!

Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

Ben&Jerrys, Dragonboat festival and the weekend!

Hello my dears!
As I already mentioned there was a free giveaway by Ben&Jerry's in my town! At thursday I went with one of my fellow students there to get some free Ben&Jerry's ice. And the queue was huuuuuge! We have to wait about one hour but the ice was delicious! Seriously worth for waiting! (And we didn't have to go to a lecture lol)

I got 'Karamell Sutra' - It's Caramell flavoured ive with caramell sauce and chocolate ice! Soooo yummy!
After chinese lesson we went to the dragonboat festival - just because we wanted some Zongzi. 
Zongzi are Chinese dumplings made from glutinous rice. It's a special food just for the chinese dragonboat festival and sooo yummy!
But seriously....I got REALLY dissapointed. Because the Zongzi was like I dunno....minimalistic. And they bought way to less for everyone. So people who came a little bit later got no Zongzi because the hungry Chinese ate them all. Lol
But doesn't matter! Friday, I went home and my mum made Zongzi! They were much more tastier than the other Zongzi! They're about 50% bigger and filled with ham! Sooo delicious <3

I just had these Zongzi for breakfast! Of course not all! Just one and you're really full!
Saturday I went shopping with my mum. I needed some new clothes for the summer because I'm changing my style. Well I'm doing this for years now but I'm slowly filling my wardrobe with more colorful and feminine clothes!
So here is what I got :)

Some kind of...neckholding shirt? I never would buy something like this. My mum found this and got me to try this. And hey - I liked it! Mum's the best :)

A floral printed t-shirt. It's kinda cute :3

And a simple but cute pink top :)

Oh and a lazy white shirt...There's no picture because I'm

As you can see I didn't bought many clothes...In fact i'm not that type of girl who likes shopping...It's so tiring ~___~
BUT! Everything I bought is one clothe size smaller than usual! Booya! Although I'm gaining weight (Because I'm doing much workout and gaining muscles ~_~) I'm getting slimmer (according to my friends and family) 

Of course I went to the local drugstore to buy a little bit make up and cosmetics!
I've got:
A special oil for preventing and curing strech marks(I dunno if this works but I'm going to try this!)
A new mascara from P2. It's the 'lovely dolly eyes' mascara. And it's pretty good! 
A blush from CATRICE. It's the Multicolor Blush no. 060 'Strawberry Frappuchino'
From Syoss a hair mousse for volume...although I don't really need volume haha :D
Aaand I've got a razor for free :D Gonna try it soon lol

And my mum bought me a new set of kitchen knifes :D Soo beautiful <3
It's weird. The two thing I most owned are: Knifes and Cosmetics. 

Well that's it! Today I didn't do anything. Just went back to Freiburg and relaxing. Tomorrow is a new work day! 

Good night at all 


Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013

New work

Hello hello!
As I promised, I'm going to blog about my recent work.
I managed it to get a work at a local drugstore which is called "Müller". I work at the stationery and work at the morning so I'm just refilling everything...nothing special xD Would be a desaster if I should work at the cash register or something like this! Although my dream work would be at the make-up part of Müller...
Well I work about 2-3 times per week. It's just a minijob but it's okay for a student! The first week is over and well it was fun! It's not very difficult work and after two days I nearly understand everything what to do. Now It's just about to remember all the places where the things have go to! 
So thats about work so far!
And I really look forward for my first salary! Then, I can finally buy myself a Pikachu Kigurumi ^____^ And I really want to de my hair before going to China. But soon, I cann afford all these things!
It's a awesome feeling to know: Hey you're going to get you own money! Whoop Whoop!
But I have to save some money for China so...Let's see how much I can and I will spend xD
Well that's it...just a tiny post about my new work so...
Tomorrow there will be a free giveaway of Ben&Jerry's at Freiburg. And in de Eveneing there's a celebration for the dragonboat festival. I'm going to post about this ^__^

Until next time <3

Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

Exams part one

Hello my dears!
Finally finally the first part of my exam week is over! Such a releasing feeling!
Because I failed during a exam last semester, I had to write the exam last monday again. I have done so much for this lecture the last weeks!And during the exams I was like : Again, I have no idea what I'm doing!
But after some days a letter from the heaven arrived! Ok not really, it was just an email by my teacher, but - I PASSED! I'm sooo happy! Because this lecture was a torture! Although I'm very interested in China I really have no interest in stuff like economy. 
After this happy message I have the whole week to learn Chinese again. Because yesterday was the first Chinese exam of this semester. And...well....I would say: 考得马马虎虎 :/ Well...It was not a mess....but it could have been better :( There was a listening part where you have to fill in space with signs....but I hardly understand one of the teachers! I was like: What the **** did you say?!
And I have to write something about a trip with the bus....seriously wtf. And I didn't learn ANYTHING of the vocabulary for taking the bus! Just write some weird stuff like I was going to visit my big sister's house (As you may know I don't have any brothers or sisters. But I didn't learn the vocabulary for cousin so far. And in China it's common to say Sis or Bro to you Cousin....Or Uncle and Auntie to EVERYONE. Lol we're a big big faimly!) And was talking to the guy who sell the tickets like: Yo! I have no idea which station I have to get out! (I wrote this a little bit more politely in my exams don't worry!) 
But hey - I passed the limit of 100 words so....Hooray for primary school Chinese!
After the exams we celebrated this with beer and this stuff...normally I'm not that fast drunk although I'm asian but....It IS a really really bad combination to drink beer when you take medicine...I was destroyed like hell after...I dunno 4 or 5 beers. And I had like the most terrible headache in my life! So I just went home early about half past 9 and arrived home at 10 or something like this...
Never ever drinking and being sick!
So today I'll stay at home and relax - curing my illness and go to bed early because I have to go to work tomorrow!

See you soon my dears <3