Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013


Hello there!
It's been a long time since my last blog entry I know D: Lazy me :(
In these 3 months many things happens. 
As some of you may know, I've broken up with my boyfriend in the holidays. It's about two months ago now and...well I think I need my time for myself. Fortunately I have my friends, who supports me a lot through this rough time <3
Since I'm living alone again, I've got much time now. I started playing pen&paper and it's so fun! But the last session is now a while ago and I really want to continue with these plays :/
For those of you who doesn't know WHAT Pen&Paper is: It's a combination of a kinf of dice game and role play. So you have your stats und stuff but you are playnig your character...Well as a outstanding person it would looking weird to see about~4 people sitting around a table and speaking as an another person..but it's fun!
And I dyed my hair to my nature color again. And I've got a fringe now :D (pictures will be uploaded later)
But I think I will dyeing my hair back to a brighter color. Because in three months my cousin gets married and I want another haircolor than this boring typical asian color.
So yeah...Atm I'm fully into learning for my exams at saturday. Wish me luck! 
Our chinese class is going smaller and smaller. We're in the second semester right now and about 7 people left our class. Some of them changed to another Chinese class (maybe because our teacher is a little bit...let me say different. Different but very funny). What a good feeling when your ex boyfriend is leaving the Chinese class too just because he's way to lazy and wants to spend his entire day with nothing. Hell yeah!
And for a month, I'm trying to live vegetarian. Just to live a little bit more healthy. And meat is expensive (my fellow student would say: Vegetables either! Stay eating instant noodles like me. Lol. Students)
So I'm trying to write a little bit more blog entries now. I really try. Next week I'm going to go work - for the first time of my life! I'm going to write about this soon!

Stay fine!