Freitag, 19. Oktober 2012

University and Freiburg!

Whats up my sweet mooncakes °O°
Finally....FINALLY I got internet! Atm, I'm at home and my stephfather gave me his netbook as a gift. Seriously, a week without life seems to be so...meanless and boring Oo Fortunately I got a special week at university for people, who start studying.
As you know, I'm going to study Sinology (Chinese) and History at the Albert-Ludwig University in Freiburg.
So where I should start...
Saturday/Sunday, I finally moved to my very first OWN flat in Freiburg. It's a little bit messy at the moment, because I don't have a fridge and or a shelf for my books and mangas. 
After being lost at the place where I live, I started to explore the district and finally after half an hour found the
On Afternoon, I went to the university to get my card for participating at the instrodution week. Shortly after some shortn instroduction of the student council of Sinology, I met some really funny people who going to study with me! I was surpised, that they were some other chinese who can't speak chinese like me XD
On Thursday, I went to some instruductional stuff for the testing systems at the university know.
Afternoon, I had to go to the instroduction lecture for sinology and met some other awesome people :D 
Wednesday...well, they were some instroduction lecture for history and not that much after this.
Thursday, we had a breakfast with the people of Orientalism (Orientalism includes Sinology, Islam Science and Jewish studies) and I stole- I got a glass of Nutella for free!! xD
Daily surprise was, that one of my fellow students live not that far away from me! XD So we watched 'Richy Guitar' at home and at the evening, we went to our little pub tour was quite funny :D
Today we went to a china restaurant and i dunno but.....being a sinology student DO have advantages! As the older student talked on Chinese with the chef of the restaurant, we got original chinese food and it was soooo delicious! Really have to go to this restaurant again...
So.....Exciting weak X3 I really look forward to my first chinese lecture at monday because i want to study hard. Maybe I could be a tutor in 2 years for the other students....that would be awesome X3

So....until next time my dearest <3

Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

I'm moving!

'sup my little springrolls °O°

as you probably know, I'm going to start university soon. In fact, my first lecture will be in 20 days lol.
Because I study in Freiburg I have to move, since travelling between my hometown and university...would took around 2 hours Oo
Because I'm going to have something like a...special week for beginners, I have to be in Freiburg at least at the 14th. So, I'm going to move this Friday to have a little bit space between moving and going to university.
In fact I don't even know how to get to the university o____O Fortunately, they are some sotres in the near of my apartment or I would starve. xD
Okay this is how my room look like at the moment..

Some more cartons and i should search some pigeons to play Angry Birds xDDD
I was surprised while packing my stuff because I thought i would need a lot of more cartons for all of this crap I got here. But I'll leave many things here for example lot of old clothes and this stuff.
I'm really excited about's my very first own apartement and I'll never lived alone so far o_o
Hope I won't burn everything down xD

Even though I always promised to write more blogs - I really try at university. Hope my english will get better at least I'll get much stuff on english for my chinese lectures (I think so...everyone said this Oo) so....stay reading <3