Freitag, 7. September 2012

Time changes...So do I

Yo what's up Guys
I went trough all of the picture, which were taken of me and I just recognized....gee you've changed a lot o-o
Well I thought I could share my lifestyle evolving since 2007 with you...
Quite embarrassing LOL


This picture was taken at my first animexx meeting...
There shoes were my favorite ones...seriously omg.
I was about....13? years old atm. 

uhm...this was taken in autumn 2007...I already got my typical grumpy face :B
I started to wear only black clothes and self made jeans which are damaged

After my first animexx meeting, friends mentioned, that my best friend and I would be a cute couple...So we started dating lol. But after some months love began to, at the age of 13 I found out that I'm addicted to both gender.


One year later I cut my hair short and bleached a part..the hairstyle was inspired by Nao, the drummer of alice nine. 
I looked like a dumb fat boy.

but I don't like my hair like this so I let them grow...
I was really into this japanese stuff lol.

I started to learn playing the bassguitar. Although I'm barely playing the bassguitar now, I love my bass. Her name's Maggie and she's one of the most precious things I own


So, in this year I stopped being interested in VK. I had really bad experiences with this scene and bad memories. I was tired of trying some hairstyles of men and I was tired to be liked, just because I'm asian. 

My hair grews longer and I was just a normal teenager like everyone in my school

Oh but I wasn't completely off about Japan. I was flashed by Kumi Koda and really wanted to have some blonde parts in my hair...but I dyed them red °O°
me gusta ôwô

I fell in love with medieval music and events, especially the 'Mittelalterliche Phantasie Spectaculum'
I met my big big love....or something like that. 


2010, I met my second girlfriend, Oh I forget to mention: About the end of 2009 I've got into VK again...D:
So...I met my girlfriend and in this year I was like the master of desaster about dying my hair lol.

First of all I started to bleach my hair by myself...I started with a blonde fringe
I messed it up a brown piece in my hair...looks like I rubbed shit in my hair LOL

But after some weeks I got tired about this and saw the music video of Memeshikute
I badly wanted to have these half side blond and half side black hair!
I have to say...these hair were frickin' awesome *___* And I was so slim T_T
About this moment, I started to wear some colorful clothes.

In China, I cut them off, because they were really damaged because of bleaching and straightening them daily

but it looked still awesome....some weird chinese girl took a picture of my hair O: without asking Ò_ó
About this time I've lost about 20 pounds...I was so proud of it....REALLY proud of it.

And...2010, at the age of 16 I've got my first Tattoo. Yes I know, getting a tattoo at the age of 16 if propably the biggest mistake you can do...besides that the most tattoo artist won't do it.
Everyone in China thought I was 22 and....I love my tat and atm I don't regret it. I'm thinking about another.

But....I was bored about having blond and black. It reminded me of Cruella de Vil
So I tried some other colors

And I bleached ALL of my hair and dyed them brown....
this was the biggest mistake I ever done. My hair was damaged like hell and I hat to cut them off

I looked like a gay boy. Oo

But....Because I bleached my hair about 2AM I've made lots of mistakes and my hair was a complete desaster

Seriously....WHAT HAVE I DONE?!

Because of this I decided to make one part of my hair black again lol...
And got into this
And I got more into wearing girly things escpecially heels...and started to wear make up, which was more like the ulzzang look

But...brown is a kinda boring color and in upcoming winter, I wanted to wear black again.

Tada! Half side red and the other side black again
I really liked this! But I messed it up because I gave myself a weird haircut

About this time, I broke up with my girlfriend. I got more into boys and dyed my hair black. 


2011, I cut my hair really....REALLY short because i wanted to get rid about this haircut before

I looked like a mushroom...

About February I fell in love with the most amazing guy in the world. 
And I got tired about dying my hair because they were really damged...
so I just let them grow....and grow...

(most non fotogenic guy in the world :D)

I started to buy more coloful clothes and got into the korean and chinese fashion.


So, Countdown started until deadline wooo!

I broke up with my boyfriend but we're still friends...with...benefits...we've friendzoned each other of us lol. Maybe we're going to marry someday who knows? :D

This year I had my final exams and I finished school. And I started to wear more clothes which fits to the korean/chinese style. I'm a Barbie lol
And after 1 and a half year I dyed my Hair again!

Okay this is how I look like now....I have to say I'm proud of my style evolve...But I regret that I couldn't hold my weight and I gained the whole amount of punds back I've lost two years ago...but I really try to change this!
Sorry for not having pictures where you can see more than my face (cuz I'm fat :D) but...I don't get it to make some of these pictures...maybe in some weeks :B

Mittwoch, 5. September 2012

English Blog, Update and Haul

'sup lads :D
Okay I decided to continue my blog in english. Lol. 
Since I started to make videos on english and being very talkative the last days in english (Thx to Kieran *3*) I thought: Hey....write your weblogs in English...why not?
So....Here it goes! 
Okay update: First of all: English Weblog! ( U DONT SAY) Ahahaha yeah. 
For a long time now, I'm really into this korean fashion stuff and about few weeks I've been really flashed about KPop ahaha. I listen BIG BANG for about 2 years now, but never been interested about the members. Now I started writing RPGs again (Omg poor Guys out there p3q) and I'm addicted to TOP. Holy Moly XD
Okay I'm getting off the topic: Now, I really started following this korean/chinese fashion style and trying to improve my ulzzang make up O: I love this cute, cool and classy style p3q unfortunately my cousin isn't that fanzy about fashion stuff and I've got this feeling she doesn't like me lol. In fact she doesn't reply on my email, months ago p_q
So I'm all alone with my new addiction .-. Since my best friend isn't about this style and my other friends...are mostly men or very masculine women I have to search alone for suiting clothes xD
Okay thats about my clothing style change....

Time for my haul in the last few days °O°
I went shopping in Ludwigshafen with my best friend(He hadn't another choice LOL) and found some adorable clothes <3

To lazy to take it off LOL

And a HUGE amount of tights because I'm the most clumsy person when it comes to wear them without destroying them x_x

Okay that's the clothes stuff...Of course I can't stand about buying some
I really love this soap from CLINIQUE :3

First time to try this 3-phase-stuff out o-o
YES I use Children Shampoo. You won't believe me but your hair is smooth, well-smelling and you get rid of dandruffs °3°

So....that's about my haul xDD
I hope to find time to write more blogpost about moving (Now to Freiburg, not Frankfurt lol) and my way to lose weight!

Peipei <3